My Morning Routine- How To Set The Atmosphere For a Positive Day

Updated: Apr 12

How I Set The Atmosphere For a Positive Day

I believe how you start your day sets the atmosphere and tone for your entire day. The first thing I do when I wake up is wash my face and brush my teeth. This helps me to wake completely. Then I read my daily devotion for that day on the bible app; also, I'll read the entire chapter of that scripture. Next I pray, following that I'll make breakfast which is normally a protein shake or oatmeal & celery juice. For this morning routine because I was on a fast and I was working out afterwards I drunk a cup of tea. I like to work out on a empty stomach. Lastly I do 40 mins - 1 hour cardio on Mon., Wed. & Fri. and Tues. & Thurs. I have body pump class. After working out I sit in the steam room for 15 mins. The steam room helps to open my pores, relax my muscles, remove toxins and helps to improve my health overall. Finding a routine that works for me and my schedule took so tine figuring out but now that I have one it is non negotiable. I have to do these steps daily know matter what I have going on. They may not always go in this order because sometimes I workout in the evening but I will not miss a day without doing these. I hope that if you struggle with starting your day on the right foot or need a morning routine that you find this to be helpful. You may not do the exact routine that I do, but figure out what works for you and stick to it. You will be well on your way to have a positive day as well.