Hey Queens! I'm Lashanda L'oreal your accountability partner here to encourage you, help you lose weight, gain back your confidence, look your best and live a healthier lifestyle mentally, physically & spiritually. 


I was born & raised in Jacksonville, FL, currently living in Los Angeles, CA. I'm a Mom of 1 beautiful daughter, Wife, Health & Wellness Influencer, Hairstylist, Personal Shopper and a Woman of Faith. I love encouraging women and helping them get there mojo back before/afterlife happens. 


My life hasn't always been a walk in the park. From watching my dad go to prison at the age of 5 and being sentenced to life to having my daughter at the age of 20 to being laid off of my job of 10 years back in 2008 to gaining weight and finding myself in a depressing dark place. I know what it feels like to grow up fatherless, struggle as a single parent at 20, struggle with weight loss & depression and knowing that on the other side of this darkness & brokenness there is light and purpose and the secret to getting there would appear when I was ready to receive it. 


In 2013  my family and I moved to Southern California and my Journey II Wellness mentally, physically & spiritually began. Moving here, Being a hairstylist in Hollywood a place where your image, the way you look and the way you dress can make you or break you; I became really self-conscious about the weight. One day I got the opportunity to do the hair of a celebrity reality tv star. I was sharing with her that I really wanted to lose weight but I just didn't know where to start or what to do. She suggested that I try taking a class at the gym. I signed up for the gym membership and while working out I read You Are a Badassthis book brought out the inner beast in me, just what I needed to lose the weight once and for all. Through fasting, praying, transforming my mindset and changing my diet I have been able to lose 65 lbs, have more energy and feel better on the inside and it even knocked 20 years off. I got my mojo back!  

​​Now that I have overcome many challenges that life has thrown my way because I truly believe that we go through things in life not to destroy us but to make us stronger so we can be a blessing to others.  I recently have been led to started Journey II Wellness Mind Body Soul, for women who are battling with trying to lose weight, maintain their weight and/or become more discipline with eating healthier. "Journey II Wellness Mind Body Soul" is the gateway to helping women get their mojo back before and afterlife happens, learn how to become more disciplined with eating healthier, learn how to create/ incorporate healthy routines in their day to day life, learn how to unlearn bad habits/ negative thinking and replace it with healthy habits and positive thinking. I believe when you transform your mindset you can transform your body. When you believe that you can and will lose the weight you can and will achieve it. Join my 10 Day Fitness Challenge Waiting List so you'll be the first to know when the next challenge begins and on your way to being the best version of you!


My hopes are to connect with more like-minded women all around the world and show them that THEY CAN DO ANYTHING THEY PUT THEIR MINDS TO. Philippians 4:13


Dear Lord,

Thank You for the woman reading this prayer right now. Thank You for her heart. May You bless her right now. Fill her with Your incredible peace. Wrap her in Your love. May she feel confident and worthy. I pray that she would grow closer to You every day. Fuel a desire deep within her to seek after You. I pray that she would lead a life by the example Christ set. May she face everything with courage and may she walk in integrity. Help her with anything she is struggling with, surround her with encouragement, and give her your precious wisdom. May she experience joy today in Jesus’ name AMEN!

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